Friday, January 29, 2010

Needing Lots Right Now!

I have always been a positive person and today is the day I am telling myself "you can do IT!!" I have been feeling quite~Not Well~ For the last couple of weeks. It's been years going but last couple of weeks have been horrible. I am going to hold my head up and let my Dr. do what he feels is right. Lots of blood work drawn yesterday. For now being treated with Fybro-my-ouchie as a customer of mine on Ebay calls now waiting to rule out Lupus, Any Arthritis, Anemia, MS and whatever he thinks fits my symptoms. I think wanting to sleep almost 16 hours a day is definatly caused for concern. Just wanted to post how much I appreciate everyone..I knew it would make me feel better..Sending hugs to all. Have a great Day all :) Thanks for listening to me as I keep my head held High!!

~♥~ Stephanie ~♥~

Thursday, January 7, 2010

LooK WhAt I WoN!!!!!!!

I couldn't have been more excited when i heard that I WON Josie from Little Dirt Lane's Blog...And to my suprise I also won a Primitive Sheep that was hand painted. I thought I was excited when i heard..You should have seen my suprise when I got home today and saw this cutie sitting at my door. I opened them up, and the smell was FaNtAsTic!! I thought my tags were to die for...No WAY..This doll smells so yummy, and you can tell a lot of time and energy went into these fabulous pieces. I felt like Ralphie on Christmas Story. Now I must say I am not the best picture taker but I have to show you the great work that Jess does.
Please be sure to visit Jess you can get to her blog to the right of my posting. I also want to thank you Jess for these wonderful new pieces. Josie is so loved even in the short time I have had her I can't help but to keep walking by her and say "she's mine..She's Mine :)"
And the sheep..Looks so cute with my grungy doll I have it displayed with.. Well trying to get some work done on my blog, and kids might be getting out early for school due to snow, and we are driving to goto Youngest daughters Halle's National Championship Gymnastics meet tomorrow..Wish us luck..And Be sure to cisit Jessica Pouncil :) Oh yea..also have to walk by Josie again..Tee Hee!