Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Show This Weekend.

So I have been working on a show that is coming up on Sunday and trying to deal with this lovely pneumonia that I have come down with...I'm praying that this will be my one cold for the year.

If you are here in Ohio or somewhere close by the show is located in Thornville Ohio. It's so fun everyone lines the streets and noone can sell anything until the church bell rings after service on Sunday Morning at 9 A.M. The fun part is to try and hurry up and get set up before everyone starts looking or picking up what they want.

I have so many originals that I have never done before and I will take pics of those on Sunday and share with you when I get back. Thought I would give you a little teaser with the "Snow Bear" that I made. I used warm and natural to make his body and he is grunged to the max. My hubby thinks that he looks like he has been through heck and back and I tell him " That's what I'm going for." Duh-Some people just don't get the Primitive look. You would think by now he would since our house could almost be coffee stained....Hmmmm now theres an idea for a
Well I'm not getting much done here but just to let you know I am going to be doing my first give away for November so be sure to be a follower..It's gonna be a good one :)
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Have a wonderful Blesssed Prim day all..