Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Show This Weekend.

So I have been working on a show that is coming up on Sunday and trying to deal with this lovely pneumonia that I have come down with...I'm praying that this will be my one cold for the year.

If you are here in Ohio or somewhere close by the show is located in Thornville Ohio. It's so fun everyone lines the streets and noone can sell anything until the church bell rings after service on Sunday Morning at 9 A.M. The fun part is to try and hurry up and get set up before everyone starts looking or picking up what they want.

I have so many originals that I have never done before and I will take pics of those on Sunday and share with you when I get back. Thought I would give you a little teaser with the "Snow Bear" that I made. I used warm and natural to make his body and he is grunged to the max. My hubby thinks that he looks like he has been through heck and back and I tell him " That's what I'm going for." Duh-Some people just don't get the Primitive look. You would think by now he would since our house could almost be coffee stained....Hmmmm now theres an idea for a
Well I'm not getting much done here but just to let you know I am going to be doing my first give away for November so be sure to be a follower..It's gonna be a good one :)
Also don't forget to check out ACOTL. The link is on the right~~~~>
Have a wonderful Blesssed Prim day all..

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Items in My Etsy,,More to Come~♥~

I have been so busy at making custom orders that I wanted to take a minute to let everyone know that I am updating my Etsy shop and I am so super excited to get it going again. it has been so long since I have had it opened. And I was asked if my large scented tags would be back..Yes they will but it will be a while longer for those :)

I do offer these items at a discount if you buy more then one. Since I sell to large wholesale company's and to to shops thorughout the USA thought I would offer my blog friends those prices as well. If you have questions on the prices feel free to contact me.
My kids have a Cross Country Meet to day which I get so excited about. Still can't believe that school started back already. Hope everyone is working on some great fall items!
~Have a Great Prim Day All~

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Enough to Make your Primitive Mouth Drop!

My mom and went on a whim today and headed to some fun shop in Waynesville. There are shops galore, especially and antiquers dream..We stopped over to where I sell some of my prim items and I just have to show off this quaint place. Its called Wooden Sunflower Primitives.. Most of the items I am dreaming of from now until I get my house prim the way I would like it.
I love the distressed flooring that is custom made! Hard to believe this is the kitchen

How about this laundry Room! What I have my heart set on ♥

Oh My and the custom made walls! Wooo hoo..
If you are ever in Ohio gotta stop by and see Monja and let her know I told you about her shop..You will find all sorts of stuff..My pictures didn't post like I wanted them to but after that order i completed I feel lost not knowing what to do on here.. Pictures will come soon of some of the items I bought. I swear I go and sell items just so I can buy more!
Thanks for letting me share
~♥~Prim Blessings~♥~

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I just got done finishing up my Wholesale order of 600 primitive dresses. Each one had a mouse, or a Halloween Cat, and a Snowman. I forgot to take pictures of all of them, but I do have some pictures of my mouse dresses that I can share. It has taken me well over 3 weeks to get these all done, But I know that that time will pay off. I had to cut 600 dresses , 600 different types of material for the pockets, stain 650 tags and stamp each one, stain and cut 600 pieces of string Not to mention the Mice, Cats, and Snowman. a lot of time and hard work went into this order and I can't wait to see the catalog that their in.
Now that I have these all done I am trying to think of my next move. Maybe some sampler shows or just a market place show. Not sure. So for now I will start on my small sunflower order and hope that my sweet annie will flourish like it did last year.

Have a Wonderful Prim day all...

Prim Blessings....

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Busy Busy Beeeee! Bzzzzzzz...

Well..I had one of those days yesterday, and my husband and I are both convinced that sometimes you have to have one bad day when you are having a lot of good things going on. I told myself that today is a new day and nothing can stop it. I am still working on my wholesale items, and now I am on a new venture. I have been working with a new company that loves my designs. I will find out next week which of my items will be going to China to be massed produced. Kinda upsetting that some of them wont be made in USA anymore, but I am glad that more people will be able to carry my items, and plus I wont have to sew hundreds and hundreds by hands. I take that back I will for one wholesale company but not all of them.. Maybe I will feel better about it once the ~ROYALTY~ checks start coming
Thanks for listening to me vent all...Love to visit everyones blogs..always uplifts me!

Prim Love to all..
♥ Stephanie

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Heavy At Wholesale!!

Has it been that long since I have posted? Well I have been around checking blogs and have realized I haven't posted.
With my computer going down(once again) I thought I was going to go cRaZy...I now have it back and feel whole again...Wooo Hooo!!!

I have been working hard at my wholesale orders and I am ever so loving it. I keep seeing everyones post on the shows that they have been going to here in Ohio and wonder if they ever run across my items that I sell to wholesalers..One will never know :)

What I've been busy making.....Rusty Pins, Ornie Tucks and a whole lot more..And when i say Pins I mean PINS..I am rusting over 15,000 of these babies and packaging them. I have been sewing my fingers to the bone with my sunflower and daisy tucks lets see..4 X's 100 X's 2...Sure you can do the math..That's a lot of sewing...

Well...Thanks so much for stopping by..To all that enter thanks for stopping by dear friends..Have missed you so

Friday, January 29, 2010

Needing Lots Right Now!

I have always been a positive person and today is the day I am telling myself "you can do IT!!" I have been feeling quite~Not Well~ For the last couple of weeks. It's been years going but last couple of weeks have been horrible. I am going to hold my head up and let my Dr. do what he feels is right. Lots of blood work drawn yesterday. For now being treated with Fybro-my-ouchie as a customer of mine on Ebay calls now waiting to rule out Lupus, Any Arthritis, Anemia, MS and whatever he thinks fits my symptoms. I think wanting to sleep almost 16 hours a day is definatly caused for concern. Just wanted to post how much I appreciate everyone..I knew it would make me feel better..Sending hugs to all. Have a great Day all :) Thanks for listening to me as I keep my head held High!!

~♥~ Stephanie ~♥~

Thursday, January 7, 2010

LooK WhAt I WoN!!!!!!!

I couldn't have been more excited when i heard that I WON Josie from Little Dirt Lane's Blog...And to my suprise I also won a Primitive Sheep that was hand painted. I thought I was excited when i heard..You should have seen my suprise when I got home today and saw this cutie sitting at my door. I opened them up, and the smell was FaNtAsTic!! I thought my tags were to die for...No WAY..This doll smells so yummy, and you can tell a lot of time and energy went into these fabulous pieces. I felt like Ralphie on Christmas Story. Now I must say I am not the best picture taker but I have to show you the great work that Jess does.
Please be sure to visit Jess you can get to her blog to the right of my posting. I also want to thank you Jess for these wonderful new pieces. Josie is so loved even in the short time I have had her I can't help but to keep walking by her and say "she's mine..She's Mine :)"
And the sheep..Looks so cute with my grungy doll I have it displayed with.. Well trying to get some work done on my blog, and kids might be getting out early for school due to snow, and we are driving to goto Youngest daughters Halle's National Championship Gymnastics meet tomorrow..Wish us luck..And Be sure to cisit Jessica Pouncil :) Oh yea..also have to walk by Josie again..Tee Hee!