Thursday, March 25, 2010

Heavy At Wholesale!!

Has it been that long since I have posted? Well I have been around checking blogs and have realized I haven't posted.
With my computer going down(once again) I thought I was going to go cRaZy...I now have it back and feel whole again...Wooo Hooo!!!

I have been working hard at my wholesale orders and I am ever so loving it. I keep seeing everyones post on the shows that they have been going to here in Ohio and wonder if they ever run across my items that I sell to wholesalers..One will never know :)

What I've been busy making.....Rusty Pins, Ornie Tucks and a whole lot more..And when i say Pins I mean PINS..I am rusting over 15,000 of these babies and packaging them. I have been sewing my fingers to the bone with my sunflower and daisy tucks lets see..4 X's 100 X's 2...Sure you can do the math..That's a lot of sewing...

Well...Thanks so much for stopping by..To all that enter thanks for stopping by dear friends..Have missed you so


  1. Hi Steph!!! Oh have missed you! I need pins - I need sunflowers and daisies...ok girlfriend - is is possible for you to make me 2 sunflowers and 2 daisies??? I want to let my dollies hold them in their little spring dresses...if you can do this, send me an invoice for the 4 flowers and pins...I hope you have been feeling better...did they find out what was wrong?

    XOXO Jess

  2. Hi Stephanie. Justina from Peper Creek Gatherings here. Awhile back I ordered rusty pins and now I need more! I convo'd you on etsy but I havent heard from you. If you are able to sell me some please let me know. My email is Thanks!