Saturday, May 15, 2010

Busy Busy Beeeee! Bzzzzzzz...

Well..I had one of those days yesterday, and my husband and I are both convinced that sometimes you have to have one bad day when you are having a lot of good things going on. I told myself that today is a new day and nothing can stop it. I am still working on my wholesale items, and now I am on a new venture. I have been working with a new company that loves my designs. I will find out next week which of my items will be going to China to be massed produced. Kinda upsetting that some of them wont be made in USA anymore, but I am glad that more people will be able to carry my items, and plus I wont have to sew hundreds and hundreds by hands. I take that back I will for one wholesale company but not all of them.. Maybe I will feel better about it once the ~ROYALTY~ checks start coming
Thanks for listening to me vent all...Love to visit everyones blogs..always uplifts me!

Prim Love to all..
♥ Stephanie

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  1. Hi Steph! Congratulations! You are one popular lady huh? No wonder....I have been dying for some tags, lol...I hope you had a good weekend...Vent Vent Vent and get it all out feel better!

    XOXO Jess