Monday, December 28, 2009

Primitive Pick you own Date Bear!

Hi there..My name is "SAL" I am from 1801 I was made out of warm and natural and osnaburg. I have been HIGHLY Grunged.. I have one vintage button eye, and one that is a rusty safety pin. I love to make heart swags..See the yummy chenille one I am holding. I am apart of my creators make your own bear. Do you have a special occasion such as a birthday, valentines, wedding day, anniversary, or do you like me just the way I am? Well I am up for bid on Etsy. Visit me under lilmamasprimitives. If you mention that you saw me on my creators blog you will receive free shipping :) Have a great day all...Much love

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One more day, until the sleigh!

So hard to believe that The Jolly St. nick will be moving on his way tomorrow night. I think it's harder to believe how fast my kids have grown up. Ausin is 17, Morgan will be 14 on December 29th, and Halle is 9. Where does time go? I guess I wish I could keep them young forever, but I know that's not going to happen. I do know one thing I can wish that might come true. That everyone will have a safe and Merry Chrismas. I wish everyone lots of joy and prim blessings!
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

XOXO Stephanie

Sunday, December 13, 2009

One down more to go...

I made this fun loving doll and sold her the second I took her into my booth! She is so grungy and Sarah Beth really had quite the story to tell her new mommy. I love mammie dolls. They are so darn cute! Very colonial and prarie looking! I made a star that was dated 1714 and filled it with my homegrown sweet Annie..Yummy! She was a hit with her pantry cake light and her old bread box. And for 24.00 for the whole thing she was a steal as well...Off to go grunge some more tags, and tomorrow I get to hopefully get my sample scents to create new tag smells for some wonderful people ;)
Have a great night all..

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Check out this great fun Mouse Swap!

Going to be a great mouse swap at Thimbleprims Studio.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Just some random Pics

I took some pics..Nope still no camera..Just thought I'd show you some of the gatherings that I have been working on. We have been remodeling our house so I am trying to work around it. When we moved in there was this awful Geese Wall paper..And my hubby and I decided it's time..Although I told him I would rather wait until spring so they can fly away! P.S....Jessica a pic of my bear and dolls I made..My pics from phone don't do them justice! Thought I'd post for you :) I have an old time toy display..My mom said my house looks like a store with all the grapevine and twinkly lights I keep up all year round. Love them with the brown cords!
Have a great day all.....

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Oh so cute!

Have to share with everyone.>And bare with me still no camera I am trying to still hold out for christmas! If you only knew what all my kids are getting for Christmas you would understand :)
I SSent this from my phone..I got the cutest prim ornie in the mail today from Aunt Mannies creations..It's is so cute. I took the picture in my old box that I filled with my home grown sweet annie, and my grubby chenille candy canes. And let me tell you it smells oh so yummy. Hope she likes what I sent her! I almost forgot about it since I am getting ready for Halles big gymnastics State meet this weekend!
Thanks for looking at my Oh so Prim Ornie..And the blurry
Have a good night all!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I may not have a camera right now since mine went Kapoot! But I so still have my little fingers that can still wish everyone A Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your day with friends and families. I am heading to mama Jody's to stuff myself like a pig. My hubby informed me..which he never wears..Said that he is wearing sweats so he can eat all day long..I of course was thinking "your not going to dress up" and then realized..sweats it is :) What ever makes him comfortable on his day off..Although I have been trying to think that with the prim place setting..he may just fit in :)

Many blessings to all

XOXO Stephanie XOXO

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Can't wait to finish...

Well I started working on some of my christmas items for a show for next week and I am so excited to get them done. What am I making?? Here's a lttle piece of the starting of the project. I got out my grungy..I mean grungy pan that I bake all of my coffee, vanilla and spice mixture on and started baking away. Once again i had to let my kids down gently that I wasn't baking anything edible! I got my santa hats all sewed and grunged and my candy canes that I will be adding to the hats with some other fun items.. Be sure to stop back by and see the finished project. Off to go see if I can hire some little elves to help me :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Ready or Not Here I go...

Getting ready for a show tomorrow. Was hoping to have gotten done some grubby dolls but never got around to it,.But one good note is I did make over 2,000 tags last week for my doll friends so I kinda made a well..My house smells so yummy and it's not from cookin..well I did a little. i made these yummy grubby candy canes and they are scented in candy cane scent with my coffee, vanilla, and secret spice mixture. I love the grungy cheese cloth, and to add to all the yumminess(is that even a word) my home grown sweet annie..Love em..Will see how well they are liked at the show tomorrow. I also made some really cute pillow tucks using the same vintage looking ticking material and used my rusty pins and bells. Theres so many things o come up with I just went ahead and stitched on different dates. Still need to get around to doing the blue ticking material..But nooooo..I am on blog checking out everyones goodies. Many prim blessings to all :)Night Night!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Please say a prayer for my daughters little friend from gymnastics. Jeneil is on the left "Thing 1" and my daughter Halle is on the right "Thing 2" Jeneil is in the hospital and had to get a bone marrow biopsy done. Still haven't heard outcome yet. Please keep her and her family in your prayers! It would mean so much to everyone involved in her life...Best wishes....

Monday, November 2, 2009

Gotta See it to believe it!!!!!!!!! L@@K!

Gotta stop in over at The Old Hollow creek for this great giveaway..Don't want to miss this item and this wonderful fun Prim Blog :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Primitive Clothes Pin Bowl Fillers-Colonial Clove Scent..Yum'O!

I have always made these clothes pins for shows that I attend and they are always a great Prim HIT! thought since I was making them for an upcoming show I would share them with my friends! I take clothes pins and usually vintage material and spin away. I then coffee and vanilla stain the material and grunge them in my secret spice mixture. And to top these bad boys off I make them so smell Oh sO yummy with my colonial clove scent! I also include a grunged hang tag that reads "Laundry Room" attached is black and tan homespun material. Boy do they smell good. I sell them for 3.95+ shipping. They look so wonderful in a bowl, basket, in an old trench..Love these little fillers!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Right around the corner..Time to get ready!

Can't believe the Holidays are right around the corner. I am so anxious to get busy on many items. Also can't wait to see what my fellow hard working Prim colonial friends are fixing up as well...Have a Very Prim and Safe weekend !!

Primitive Grungy Candy Bowl Filler Ornies

I finally had a little kick today and decide to make my candy ornies. These babies have definatly been through my grungy process. Once again while making and baking these my kids wanted to know what I was baking. makes me feel Oh so bad. So after my return home from my daughters gymnastics meet on Sunday I will have to make some oatmeal scotchies.. If you like this Item feel free to grab a tin can and some string and give me a HoLlErrr..Oh ok..leaving a message would be a lot easier :) These adorable Bowl fillers are for sale for only 13.95 includes shipping. You will love the added touches when your items arrive..Or my name isn't LiLmAmA..I know I know it's Stephanie..Habits are hard to break :)
Feel free to email me at or feel free to leave a message...Have a great prim day!

Friday, October 2, 2009

My Yummy Cinnamon Roll Bowl Fillers

My Grubby Prim Tags..Coffee And secrect Spices..Yum'O

Primitive tags..I eat sleep dream breath, and dag gone it suprised I don't eat them. They pretty much are a part of my life lately. I grunge each tag by hand in coffee, vanilla, and I have secret spices that I love to use in just about everything. I also scent these tags..candy Cane..pumpkin Pie, Carmel Apple, Christmas Tree, Apple Orchard, 1806 Colonial Clove...and more scents don't think you would want me to list them all.. I sell the tags 50 large or medium with grubby string for 7.75..