Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Primitive Clothes Pin Bowl Fillers-Colonial Clove Scent..Yum'O!

I have always made these clothes pins for shows that I attend and they are always a great Prim HIT! thought since I was making them for an upcoming show I would share them with my friends! I take clothes pins and usually vintage material and spin away. I then coffee and vanilla stain the material and grunge them in my secret spice mixture. And to top these bad boys off I make them so smell Oh sO yummy with my colonial clove scent! I also include a grunged hang tag that reads "Laundry Room" attached is black and tan homespun material. Boy do they smell good. I sell them for 3.95+ shipping. They look so wonderful in a bowl, basket, in an old trench..Love these little fillers!

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