Friday, October 23, 2009

Primitive Grungy Candy Bowl Filler Ornies

I finally had a little kick today and decide to make my candy ornies. These babies have definatly been through my grungy process. Once again while making and baking these my kids wanted to know what I was baking. makes me feel Oh so bad. So after my return home from my daughters gymnastics meet on Sunday I will have to make some oatmeal scotchies.. If you like this Item feel free to grab a tin can and some string and give me a HoLlErrr..Oh ok..leaving a message would be a lot easier :) These adorable Bowl fillers are for sale for only 13.95 includes shipping. You will love the added touches when your items arrive..Or my name isn't LiLmAmA..I know I know it's Stephanie..Habits are hard to break :)
Feel free to email me at or feel free to leave a message...Have a great prim day!

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