Thursday, November 12, 2009

Can't wait to finish...

Well I started working on some of my christmas items for a show for next week and I am so excited to get them done. What am I making?? Here's a lttle piece of the starting of the project. I got out my grungy..I mean grungy pan that I bake all of my coffee, vanilla and spice mixture on and started baking away. Once again i had to let my kids down gently that I wasn't baking anything edible! I got my santa hats all sewed and grunged and my candy canes that I will be adding to the hats with some other fun items.. Be sure to stop back by and see the finished project. Off to go see if I can hire some little elves to help me :)


  1. ohhhh I can almost smell them from here!!

  2. I can't wait to see the rest of your items. I LUV prim grungy.

  3. Aww..yes jess I can to oh so yummy. Lillie It doesnt feel any more homey then Prim and grungy does it.. Things I make my hubby probably would throw them in the trash if he didn't know any

  4. Steph, how cute....Now I'm anxious to see the finished product.
    I was going to make some Santa hats for my show but no time left to do so....maybe I should hire you as MY ELF!!!

    I always love how my house smells when I'm baking my 'products'.

    Thanks for posting on my blog - haven't seen you in ahwile, well, I haven't been here either! lol

    Hugs, Karen

  5. lol..Karen too cute..I would love to be your elf. It would give me a good reason to dress up like an hubby loves the smell too. Funny thing is as dirty and grungy as these hats are my girls said"what these aren't for us" Like we would wear them on our heads. They are bug enough to fit but my hands are coffee stained don't need it in my hair too :)

    Talk to you soon :)

  6. well Stephanie..I am waiting to see the finished product..the smell is getting to me lollll

  7. lol..well might be longer then I thought. My camera pooped out on me. And I am trying not to go and get a new one right before christmas you know having three kids and two being teenagers that I spoil oh sooo much! But I think I am going to have to do it. I made a really cute mouse to go inside..thats all i can say. if I dont get one guess I might have to upload with my phone :)

  8. Happy Thanksgiving LilMaMa! I hope you have a wonderful day :)